Top Bitcoin Websites and Tools

Bitcoin the biggest and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies currently available has a massive infrastructure of websites tools and services where you can spend your bitcoin, earn more or keep up to date with the latest ongoings. This is my curated selection useful links....

Market and Price Tracking

Bitcoin Wisdom – a platform to monitor the price of bitcoin (Litecoin and other altcoins) across the all the major exchanges including BitStamp, BTCe and Bitfenix. With a customisable view and options for assessing price movements this is an essential website.

News and Updates

CryptoCoinsNews is my go to resource for the latest news and developments in the cryptocoin world including price updates and analysis of market trends.

Cryptomining-blog a heavily mining based blog covering the more obscure and upcoming cryptocoins through to the most popular. The author regularly reviews online cloud services for mining and other cryptocoin related services and is well worth checking regularly.