How to Stop a Washing Machine Moving / Shaking / Vibrating

two grey washing machine

Does your washing machine make lots of loud noises and move across the floor when in use? Here are several quick fixes for washing machines that move / walk / shake.

Washing machines will always make some vibrations and noise due to  spinning a drum of 6kg-9kg of clothes at 1200rpm. Sometimes washings can move/walk forwards during a cycle, this is not normal! How do you stop a washing machine moving?!

Typically this will be due to uneven loads, lack of appliance levelling, or an uneven floor. It can cause damage to both the washing machine and the flooring. It is more likely for a washing machine to move on a laminate or wooden floor.

How do I stop a washing machine from walking?

First and easiest option is to ensure the machine is completely level. To do this you will need a good a spirt level. Adjust the legs of the washing machine both front and back until you are happy the machine is as level as possible. Most washing machines have a locking nut. Make sure this is fastened after your adjustments or the feet will become loose again.

Sometimes even after careful levelling the washing machine will still move. This was the case with mine although it was compounded by an uneven laminate floor.

Initially I tried some non slip anti vibration pads. Over time though they got dusty and started to move with the washing machine:

Universal Rubber Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads for Washing Machines/Dryers/Refrigerator

  • Material: the anti-vibration pads is made of rubber material, can keep your machines and dryers from walking and reduce the vibration imparted on the floor
  • Size:the anti-vibration pads dimensions are 7.7*7.7*0.8cm
  • Keep vibrations, noise and floor marks to a minimum with these highly efficient non slip rubber floor pads, and helps to protect the home appliances from scratches or quick wear bottom

Instead the best solution I found was to use silicone feet! These are a good inch thick silicone pads which go under each of the washing machines feet. Here are a couple of options including the cheapest:

Universal Anti Vibration Rubber Feet Pads

  • Universal Non Slip Vibration & Shock Absorber Pads made for Spares2go to fit all makes of Washing Machine (Pack of 4)
  • Fits Models: all makes of washing machine / washer dryer
  • Keep vibrations, noise and floor marks to a minimum with these highly efficient non slip rubber floor pads / shock absorber discs.

And branded option from Vibration Solutions:

Anti-walk Silent Feet – Anti-Vibration Pads for Washing Machines and Dryers

  • Limits Appliance Walking and Unwanted Movement
  • For Top and Front Loading Washing Machines and Dryers
  • Easy to Install (No tools or adhesives needed)
  • Stops up to 94.7% of vibration and noise
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty