Bulb Energy £50 Off When You Switch with My Bulb Referral Link

With Bulb Energy you could save hundreds of pounds off your electric and gas bills and be using a 100% renewable energy to boot!

I’m a Bulb Energy customer offering my bulb referral link under their refer-a-friend scheme, this means that any new Bulb customer that uses an existing customer’s link to switch to Bulb gets us both £50 credited to our Bulb accounts.

Bulb Energy £50 Off – Get a Quote

Bulb: Cheap, 100% Renewable Energy

I would encourage my friends, colleagues and family members to get a quote and confirm that Bulb beat your current electricity and gas prices, it takes less than 30 seconds.

Once you have submitted your switch request, Bulb do all the work for you, communicating whats need with your current supplier, and will even cover your exit fees up to £120 if you are locked into your current provider.

I originally switched to Bulb from Flow Energy because:

  • Bulb provide renewable gas and electric energy.
  • Bulb’s single tariff system is significantly cheaper than the big energy companies (E.O.N, SSE, British Gas etc).
  • Excellent sounding customer service and hassle free switching.
  • Great website and mobile app.
  • A community feel vs corporate.

When I compared Bulb’s tariff to my current supplier, compared their tariff overall, factored in the the £50 bonus, and the fact I was switching to 100% renewable energy I couldn’t not try it out. You should too.

Bulb Energy £50 Off – Get a Quote