Best Lawn Mower for Small Garden

lawn mower for grass lawn

There are multiple brands, types of lawn mower, sizes, and for different lawn types how do you go about choosing the best lawn mower for a small garden?

There are lots of different elements to consider when buying a lawn mower besides just the size of the garden! Mainly you will want to consider the power type (electric, petrol or battery), overall power, adjustability (cutting width and height), size and ease of use of the collection box, and the overall weight of the lawn mower.

There are three main types of lawn mower to choose from are:

Manual or Cylinder Lawn Mowers 

What many people refer to as a ‘real mower’, a cylinder lawn mower consists of several blades positioned in a cylinder shape at the front of the mower. These rotate against a fixed blade cutting the grass. They are usually operated by simply pushing forward and subsequently don’t need a motor. (although you can get some motorised variants). The advantage of a cylinder mower is you can get a very fine and precise cut much like using a pair of scissors. Typically you would look to use a cylinder mower much more frequently on a ‘warm season’ lawn, a very short cut lawn, as if the grass gets too long and thick the mower will not cut correctly. Additionally these types of mowers tend not to collect the grass mulch.

Rotary Lawn Mowers

The most common lawn mower is a rotary lawn mower. This comes with a single blade which rotates horizontally. This is basically a blade being swung around really fast and subsequently you wont get as clean a cut as a cylinder lawn mover. You can get a rotary mower in either mains electric, battery electric or petrol variants and tend to suit most typical garden sizes. These types of mowers are ideal if you want a ‘winter lawn’, one that is slightly longer and thicker.

Hover Lawn Mowers

These mowers are similar in size and make up to a rotary mower except they have no wheels and rely on a cushion of air generated by the spinning blade to raise the mower up from the ground. Hover mowers benefit from the combination of lightness, manoeuvrability and mobility and are often used to cut grass on steep inclines and slopes. Due to the cushion or air you are easily able to move the mower sideways, this would help with hard to reach spots or irregularly sized gardens. It is worth noting that this type of mower will not generated the typical ‘striped’ lawn effect as its usage tends to mean it doesn’t cut in straight lines.

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